In spring 2019 I was on a business trip to Vienna. Of course I took advantage of this to visit the world-famous Natural History Museum in Vienna and meet his curator Ludovic the first time personally. This was the perfect opportunity to donate a Twannberg Meteorite to the museum. The first one in their collection! The museum is home to one of the largest meteorite collections in the world. Absolutely worth seeing!


During my visit I handed over a small 18 g Twannberg Iron Meteorite to the museum. The meteorite is now in inventory and in their collection. The curator of the Meteorite Collection Ludovic Ferriere showed me parts of the museum and especially the Meteorite Collection during a private tour of several hours.


Un grand merci!

Vienna - 34.jpeg

Museum Tour

Twannberg Meteorite - Donation - TW 189 - 18.66 g

Next to the meteorite the museum received some other related material like metal trash, soil from the finding location and of course a bottle of Meteorite Wine.

Meteorite Collection